Journal Entries


Thursday 12/4/08



Emma created our webpage, while I started researching our bacteria, bacillious lentomorbus. After she finished out webpage, she started looking, but between the two of us, we could find nothing.  Later that night, I talked to Emma and neither of us could find anything on the databases on out bacteria, and couldn’t find hardly anything on the free web.  We decided that we were going to talk to Mr. Osborne tomorrow, and see if he would let us change bacteria. 



Friday 12/5/08



Emma and I talked to Mr. Osborne today, and he let us choose a new bacteria.  We ended up having to choose twice, because we couldn’t find hardly anything on the first bacteria we picked.  Now, our bacteria is Anthrobacter Globiformis.  Emma was having a little trouble with her computer, so I’m not sure how much she got done in class.  Although there were problems with her computer, mine was working well, and I seemed to find some helpful websites. 




Saturday/Sunday 12/6-7/08



Saturday was a little busy and I didn’t really get much work done on the project, I only read over some of the websites.  So, on Sunday, I took more notes, started my bibliography, and found another website or two. 




Monday 12/8/08



Emma and I worked in class and talked about what other information I needed to get for our notes.  We also discussed how we were going to present the front page, but we haven’t decided yet.  We might use a picture we found on Wikipedia.  We’ve chosen the colors, and are starting to put parts together.  Later that night I was looking up information about the classification, we haven’t really stayed to the timeline. 




Tuesday 12/9/08



We worked on something other than our website today in class; we worked on a lab on agar.   Emma and I didn’t get hardly anything done on our website done in class.  I did not get much work done because we got home so late from our basketball game, but I did get some work done.  I continued to research the classification.  I also started looking up the history, which I found to be very hard to find. 




Wednesday 12/10/08



Yet again, we did not work on our website in class, but worked on a lab.  Emma and I briefly discussed our website and what we should do tonight; she was going to start making her citations while I continued looking for the history. 




Thursday 12/11/08                                                                



Once again, we started on another lab, although this time we didn’t even have time to talk about what was needed for us to do before tomorrow.  I just assumed that I needed to finish my research on the history of arthrobacter globiformis, which was so much harder than I thought it would be. 




Friday 12/12/08



I did not get home until late tonight, and couldn’t get much work done.  I continue to search for the history on the bacteria, but it is very hard to find the history, or discovery, of one of the five strains of arthrobacter globiformis.  After I spent some time on that, I looked over our notes, and spell checked them.  I think we did a pretty good job except for a couple errors. 




Saturday 12/13/08


Although there is not much, I finally found some information on the discovery of arthrobacter globiformis.  I found out that Conn and Dimmick found this in 1947.  After finding that I didn’t think we had much left, but I just wanted to double check.  I went to the wiki page and checked what was on the rubric, and then I started freaking out.  The rubric said we needed to use a couple of the library databases, and we hadn’t used any.  I called Emma and told her we needed to use the databases, but she said she remembered talking to Mr. Osborne about not being able to find anything useful on the databases.  I just left it at that, and was done for the night.




Sunday 12/14/08


I’m in Houston, and it’s a little inconvenient.  I talked to Emma on what I needed to do before I hit the road, because once I leave I can’t get on the internet to help.  She said I just need to add my entries and revise any of my notes or grammatical errors that need to be taken care of.  Also, I need to add my noodletools.  While I was on the phone with Emma, we discussed what all we needed to do for our portfolio, and what was needed to finish it.  I still have to do a couple website evaluations, but I’m not sure if that’s all we need to do to be finished, but we’ll talk about that later.