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Page history last edited by Meghan Houston 11 years, 11 months ago


Journal Entries

December 3


Tonight I made up a timeline for our project. I divided up the topics that needed to be researched between me and my partner. I will be researching gram stain, habitat, reproduction, and beneficial requirements. My partner, Meghan, will be researching classification, structure, nutritional requirements, and history. I also made sure that all our work will be done by the time of the due date with a little extra time to work on each before it is due. The portfolio assignment was divided up equally between us so that we each do the thing we are both separately required to do and then the other things we work on together are split between us.


December 4


Tonight I started to research my bacteria, Bacillus lentimorbus, and its gram stain. I found out that we got a bacterium that isn’t on the databases. Every time I would type it in on the databases, it would come up without any results. Tomorrow I will have to get a new bacterium and research both gram stain and habitat. For now, I did learn about the gram stain itself. When a bacterium is tested with the gram stain, it can turn out gram positive or gram negative. If it is gram positive, it has a plasma membrane, a periplasmic space, and a peptidoglycan. If the result is gram negative, it has a plasma membrane, a periplasmic space, a peptidoglycan, but also an outer membrane made of lipopolysaccharide and protein.


December 5


Today we got a new bacterium. We tried a ton of other bacteria topics, but none were on the databases, so we just decided to go with Arthrobacter globiformis. Tonight I researched the gram stain of this bacterium. It turns out the gram stain is variable for Arthrobacter globiformis. There are 2 different stages of the bacteria’s life. In the early stages, the bacteria is slender and gram negative. However, within 30 hours, the bacterium has changed into short, gram positive rods. Tomorrow night, I will research the habitat.


December 7


Tonight I researched the habitat of the Arthrobacter globiformis. This bacterium lives in the soil. Arthrobacter globiformis is really helpful because it can oxidize ammonia into hydroxylamine, nitrite, and nitrate. This means that it can supply nitrogen to the plants, and is therefore very helpful. It can also get rid of some very harmful chemicals and agricultural pesticides. One of the chemicals it can reduce, hexavalent chromium, can be irritating to humans. Most plants cannot grow in the presence of this chemical, but Arthrobacter globiformis can and can also reduce it. This bacterium is very helpful to its environment because of all these things.


December 8


Today I researched the beneficial requirements of Arthrobacter globiformis. Many of the things I found tonight were the same as I found last night. The bacteria are helpful because it oxidizes ammonia into hydroxylamine, nitrite, and nitrate. This means it is a good supply of nitrogen for the plants, which is needed for the plants to grow. It is also helpful because it can help reduce the amount of harmful chemicals in the soil. Most plants cannot grow in the presence of hexavalent and trivalent chromium, but Arthrobacter globiformis can grow with it and can also help reduce the trivalent chromium, which is less harmful that hexavalent. This is also helpful to the plants. Therefore, this bacterium is beneficial to its environment and helps the ecology in many ways.


December 9


Tonight I finished up the rest of my research. I put all my notes together into paragraphs and added them into the combined notes section of our website. Tomorrow I will start finding pictures for the wiki and working on my bibliography. After I find all the images I need I can put them on the wiki. Meghan and I also need to work on making the wiki look nicer.


December 10


Tonight I found a picture for the front page of the wiki. It was on the website that I got most of my information off of. It shows the bacteria in the second stage of its life, when they are short, gram positive rods called coccoids. I couldn’t put the image on the website tonight though because it wouldn’t upload the file on my computer. I will upload it next time we have we work day in class.  Tomorrow night I will be working on my bibliography and note cards.


December 11


Tonight I worked on my bibliography and note cards. I only used two websites, but Meghan had already cited one of them, so I cited the other. I also made a note card for it. We only used websites off the free web because we could not find any information on the databases. We check on the databases multiple times but we couldn’t find any of the information we needed. We will do the web evaluations on Sunday so they will be ready for the portfolio due on Monday.


December 12


Today I worked on the details of the website. Meghan and I edited the fonts, colors, and images. I also made sure we had all the links needed for sidebar. Meghan and I both checked over the website according to the evaluation sheet. I uploaded a picture for the front page from one of the websites I used for research. Tomorrow I have a Latin tournament all day in San Antonio and will not be working very much on the project. I am going to check over the website again to make sure all the details that we need are on there.


December 14


Today Meghan and I finished up the project and added all the finishing details before sending the link to be turned in. We checked over the website one last time with the grading rubric. After we turn in the link, we are going to work on putting together the portfolio due tomorrow. We are going to print up all our research, timeline, bibliography, journals, home page, and self evaluation. We also have to do our website evaluations

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